Coronavirus may be able to stop us meeting in person... but it can't stop us singing! Join us on Tuesdays & Thursday nights as we continue in our ** FREE ** series of 'virtual choir' sessions aimed to keep you giggling, singing and having heaps of fun in this weird time of isolation!


Anyone can join us, your mic will be muted so no one can hear you, and you have the option to have your webcam on or off so you can see your pals (your webcam might automatically start when you join, so make sure you're not in the bath ;) )!


There's also a chat box so you can have a bit of banter while we sing, and of COURSE you're welcome to bring a glass of wine or some snacks or both! Yay! Sessions will start at 8pm and will be about 45 mins long. Each session will continue from the last session, but you're welcome to join us even if you miss some.

In order to join us you need to join our mailing list or check out our Facebook page for the most up to date link.





1. Get your laptop out. You can use a tablet or phone if not, but we think laptops / computers will give you the best experience.


2. Visit the link we've sent you over email and register for the meeting on 'Zoom'.

Pop your name and email in, then you're almost there! We should have also sent you a meeting ID number. We'll do our best to send this out to people in advance, but if you sign up any later than 7:30pm we may not be able to get it to you in time for that night's meeting. 


3. When asked if you're happy for Zoom to have access to your camera and audio, click yes! When you're in the meeting you will automatically be muted, but you have the option to turn your camera on or off.


4. Invite some pals to join you, because hey, life is better with friends and we need to do what we can to stay in touch in different ways for now! Just send them the link for Zoom so they can join us.


5. We'll also send out lyrics via email when you register on our mailing list. Again - we'll send these out before each session, so if you sign up any later than 7:30pm, we may not be able to get them to you in time for that night, but definitely for the next time we meet!


6. When you join you'll be able to see me (yay) and I'll be teaching you one of our choir songs, just like I would at a normal rehearsal. I'll do a bit of explaining at the beginning in case you're new to choir and a bit of a warm up. I'll ask you to join in and then we'll have a good old sing song together!


7. You're TOTALLY welcome to have a glass of wine at the ready along with some snacks to make it extra fun!


8. Don't forget to sign up to our mailing list to get details about the next virtual choir session so you don't miss out!


I am SO EXCITED to be able to share this with you all and get started with something totally new! Let's keep spreading some joy where we can :D


Lucy x

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